Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sew Spoiled ePattern May Giveaway Winners!!

These are the five winners for the May Sew Spoiled epattern Giveaway! Please email me at leah.sewspoiled@gmail.com and let me know which epattern you would like.
Thank you for posting everyone!

Carole said...

I see a little of all of those in me. Perfectionist that wants it to be done like a miser and do it as fast as possible!

 Melissa said...

It depends on what I am making and for whom. I am very much a perfectionist. I become speed demon if I have to make more than one and I am an artist if it involves painting in the project. Not sure if that exactly answers it. ;)
Fun contest!
 eatmoresmores said...

Probably a speed demon with some miser in me. I've paid too much for fabric that I "just had to have." But usually I wait for sales.

 The Tiny Homestead said...

Embarrassingly, I'm a miser and also a bit of a speed demon.

Kristi said...

I am an artist crafter.

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Lynne in NC said...

congratulations to the winners! Have fun sewing.