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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Barbie Clothes!

My four year old daughter loves Barbies! She is so cute making up stories for her dolls. When we had a snow day earlier this week from school we decided to make Barbie clothes! I had never made Barbie clothes before! I was so excited and she too. We found this awesome simple dress tutorial!
Barbie Simple Dress from Craftiness is not Optional
We pulled fabrics out from my stash and cut them into strips. I could not believe how easy it was to make Barbie a simple dress.
I let my Princess sew every stitch. She is to little to press the machine pedal and hold the fabric so she did one or the other. I pinned, ironed and cut but she made the dresses. She is so proud of them and she hasn’t stopped playing Barbies yet!


Jennifer Hancock said...

My daughter (7) has been hand sewing barbie clothes for 1 1/2 years now. She just started to use the sewing machine. My other daughter (5) just started to make them by hand sewing. Here is the link for the easy patterns we use-
I have also found books at the libary with more patterns..
Have fun!

Sue said...

I learned to sew with a Barbie doll pattern, my mothers scraps and an old Treadle sewing machine, my mother figured if I hit my finger I would surely stop peddling and thus limit damage. I never sewed my finger and all the neighbor girls had my creations for their Barbies...such fun it was....

The Journey said...

We were at the children's museum in
Indianapolis, IN they had a Barbie exhibit- I didn't think it was that great but the little girls loved it. What was nice is that they had handmade Barbie clothing- wedding grown - crotchet dresses- if you want to see them contact me I will send you pictures.

Jess said...

they turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

Lyndsey said...

Hi If you and your daughter are thinking about making more dolls clothes I have an account on YouTube with step by step picture tutorials to make easy dolls clothes I have ones for bags, dresses, purses, dolls little tops which are super easy to do including lots more future videos plus I also take requests.

yellownancy said...

The dresses look great! I'm going to do the 3R's and use some of my daughter's stained baby clothes to make some Barbie dresses. What a great way to use something that I can't donate because it has stains on it! =)

Yoga and Zumba® with Gaileee, E-RYT `n` Licensed Zumba® Instructor said...

Did a link and post to your Barbie Clothes blog today. http://love2sew4fun.blogspot.com/ Thanks for the write up and link to the tute!


Cece said...

Loved the Barbie Clothes! I have been making retro clothes for the re-issue '60's Barbies. Hopefully, my grand-duaghter will love them.
You can follow my progress at
The Barbies each have a bio and their fashions are served up with a delicious recipe, too.

Playmobil Wedding said...

Barbie dolls have been a favorite of little girls for generations. They have evolved over the years, but the essence of Barbie remains unchanged.

Andrea Roberts said...

These are cute retro clothes for barbie. In fact they are easy to do if you are crafty enough to do some sewing stuff.

sandy j said...

I have many 'naked'barbies that Ive rescued from thrift shops and yard sales, so I'm always looking for new, easy patterns. I've use the patterns you show with good results. One of my favorite sites is missbcouture.com. (I think she's French.) Her patterns are all simple squares and rectangles, very simple, but they turn out so CHIC! I used her little green suit pattern with two materials I got from childrens' clothing from the thrift store--smaller prints that suit barbie--and used my machine to make a ruffle hers hadn't had. One of my favorites EVER. she also does purses, hats, etc.
For more seams go to molendrix.com. She (I think) is Czeck, so you have to try to understand some of her translations, but I've printed out her patterns over and over. I add or remove openings, lengths, make a dress a top and skirt--or reverse--, turn a back-opening dress into a front-opening coat, etc., etc. I copy/paste into my word processing program and stretch the borders to the edge of the page. In most cases they either fit--she doesn't add seam allowances--or they're slightly larger so they can be 'fitted'for every barbie body type. She does Lord of the Rings and other movie/fantasy/fairy tale clothes, but as I said they can be changed--but they're LOVELY. Visit the site just to look, but I think you'll like the patterns. Hope these add to your wardrobe!

Amanda said...

With propper supervision you can teach your 4 yr old to hand sew those tiny stiches all by herself obviously want to supervise 4 yr old sewing or could have put phone book under her and pedal on step stool and let her do it. Obviously always supervise 4 yr old when sharp objects are involved.

Amanda said...

While indiana is known for 4h fairs I bet a lot of those won competitions then ended up their. I live up in Goshen Indiana