Thursday, January 20, 2011

Learning to Sewing with leather!

Honestly, I have always wanted to try sewing leather and 
this seemed as good of a time as any. :)
My new Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote will be made from temple tulips in azure (main outer shell), laurel dots in periwinkle (lining) from Amy Butler’s Soul Blossom collection with accents of leather.
Where to find leather?
Local is better but if you do not have a leather supplier close here are some online stores.
        1. Hide House
        2. Welcome to Global Leathers
        3. Welcome to Santos Leather by santosleather on Easy (This is where I bought my leather from.)
What are some techniques to use?
        1. Use a leather needle, it makes a hole in the leather instead of pushing the fibers away.
        2. Make sure your stitch length is longer, set to a 3.5 or higher.
            If the stitch length is short, the leather will tear on your seam.
        3. You should sew with a seam allowance of .25”, 
            so you will have less bulk in between your seams.
        4. Decrease your thread tension as you increase the thickness of your leather project.
        5. Use the wallpaper roller to roll the seams flat and glue the seam 
            excess down with cement glue.
        6. Do not iron.
What supplies should you have before you start?
        1. leather needle
        2. wallpaper roller
        3. Rayon, nylon or polyester thread Do not use 100% cotton it will break.
        4. Binder clips
        5. Teflon foot is nice but if you do not have one use baby powder or tissue paper.
        6. Rubber Cement glue
Types of Leather (Thick to Thin)
It is measured in usable square feet.
I am still learning about leather. If you have any tips or resources to share please write a comment!!


Lynne in NC said...

How adventurous! I've sewn on heavy vinyly -- pleather -- and your tips are spot on for that, too.
Looking forward to the sew along.

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks Lynne! I can't wait! I hope you are doing well.