Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What to sew??

I have been searching for the perfect sewing project. What to make next? I love the Braid bag. It is such a cute bag to take on a date night on the go. It is just the right size for a movie night or wine and dining with the hubby. It is also a quick project to make. After cutting, I can create one in about 2 hours.
The wave shoulder bag is also wonderful. I want to make another one with grey corduroy on the bottom and handle and Rob Bancroft for Cloud 9, Tick Tock in Teal fabric on top. 
A winter bag in corduroy would be adorable.
I can't wait for spring! I have already started a spring sewing list and it is still January! Here is a cute sling bag I would love to make.  
What are you making??

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