Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sew Spoiled iPad Case

I have had a selfish week of sewing. First I created a  jersey knit dress and then this iPad case. I am trying to read and write more using my iPad as much as possible. I thought by making a lovely case, I would use it more. This fabric is called Type by Julia Rothman from Windham Fabrics. It quickly caught my eye and I thought it would look great as a Sew Spoiled iPad folding case.  
I used the typewriter fabrics for the outside and the clipboard and glasses fabric for the lining. 
I remember typing on a typewriter. Ours was nice because it had the white ribbon to make corrections with. However sometimes it would not line up and you would have to type with the white out ribbon a few times. I love this fabric and I love my iPad Case. I use my iPad more when it is inside a pretty case.
Happy Sewing!

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