Friday, May 10, 2013

Ribbon Zipper Pull Tutorial

This school year I created zipper pulls for teacher gifts. They are simple to make, cost is low and they are personalized gifts! 
Sewing Machine
Silhouette or vinyl cutter
1" swivel hook
Lighter or fray check
Step 1: Using your computer program for your vinyl cutter. Set the font to 1" heigh by 4.5" long. I use cooper font for all of my zipper pulls. After you have the vinyl cutter cut out the name, weed away the excess. 
Step 2: Cut the ribbon at an angle. 
Step 3: Thread through the 1"swivel hook.
Step 4: Sew across the ribbon as closes as possible to the 1" swivel hook.
Step 5: Iron on the heat vinyl to the ribbon.
Ta Da! Clip onto your favorite zipper bag! You have a personalized Zipper Pull!

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