Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Semi-handmade Gift Ideas for Men

Semi-handmade ideas are made up of a handmade gift and something bought. It can also be a store bought gift that you personalize in a thoughtful way. Here are some sweet suggestions for your men in your life.
 Make a Wallet                         Buy a Guitar Pick Wallet
Gift Idea #1

Make a Chalkboard Mug            Buy Coffee
Gift Idea #2

Make a Golf Ball Towel           Buy Golf Balls, tees and or gloves.
Gift Idea #3

Buy Neck ties and embroider them using embroidery floss. 
Or if you have an embroidery machine, have the machine do it. 
Gift Idea #4

Gift Idea #5

Gift Idea #6
Handmade: Guitar Strap Tutorial     Buy Pick maker PICK PUNCH
Gift Idea #7
Handmade Pajama Pants                            Buy Slippers
Gift Idea # 8
Handmade make an iPad Case                  Buy an iPad
Gift Idea #9
Handmade Tool Roll  Buy Tools
Gift Idea #10

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