Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Semi-handmade Gift Ideas for Women

Gift Idea #1
Make a simple coin purse and fill it will a gift card to their favorite shop. Then write a sweet note, include how the two of you could go shopping together and make a fun girls days out of it.  
Gift Idea #2
Make a Chiffon Sheer Scarf and buy a pair of earrings to match! Make it a set with a bracelet and necklace. It could be something that means something to the two of you. A reminder of a trip or time you spent together.
Gift Idea #3
Make a monogramed cake carrier. Buy fun baking supplies to make a delicious cake. Or find a great recipe book to complete the gift. You could make an apron too.
Gift Idea #4
For this gift we will start with buying a Thirty One Skirt Bag. Make a new skirt for the recipient each month! Every month send a new skirt! This is fun gift idea for a family member that lives far away.
Gift Idea #5
I love going to Target and finding small items to personalize. One year I found office supplies and used vinyl to monogram all of the matching pieces. You can find $1 items at the Dollar Tree, Michaels, JoAnn's, Target and Walmart. This is a great teacher's gift.
Gift Idea #6
Make a few boot cuffs and buy some fun boot socks to match. Buy a stocking and fill it to the brim with boot accessories.
Gift Idea #7
You can find canvas totes like these all over, use vinyl to personalize it. Fill the tote with their favorite treats and snacks or even wine with crackers.
Gift Idea #8
Make a Tailgate Teammate Tote and fill it with fan finds. I like to find team finds at $5 Below.
Gift Idea #9
Make an iPad case and gift it with an iTunes Card. This is another great gift to send because it fits inside a priority mail envelop and you can ship it to anywhere in the US for approximately $5.
Gift Idea #10
Let them chose what handmade gift they would like to receive. Often friends are reluctant to ask for something specially made for them. If you give them a special gift card
for a handmade item they will love it! 

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