Monday, April 7, 2014

April Showers Embroider Umbrella Tutorial

Rubber Bands
Embroidery machine
Tear-away interfacing
embroidery design
Step 1: Take the cloth off the umbrella. Leave the threads as markers so you will know where to sew it back at the end of your project.
Step 2: Get your embroidery machine ready and select your embroidery design. I used tear away interfacing, at the end of your project you will be able to tear away the interfacing behind the embroidery design.
Step 3: With rubber bands tie together the frame. When embroidering the frame should be away from the hoop.
Step 4: Embroider the umbrella.
Step 5: Tear away the interfacing.
Step 6: Hand sew the frame back onto the frame.
Ta Da! You are Done!
Things I learned; You want to choose an embroidery design that is not high in stitch density.
Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Did you hoop the umbrella fabric? If not, did you use spray-on adhesive or how did you get it to stay on the stabilizer?

Leah Williams said...

I did not hoop the umbrella fabric. I used the spray-on adhesive and held it down a little with my hands as the hoop began to move around.

Sheila said...

Love the monogram. Thanks for the idea! I think I will hoop a sticky-back tear away stabilizer.