Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Embroidering Towels Tutorial

Towel (wash before embroidering)
Embroidery Machine
Step 1: Hoop the tear away interfacing first.
Step 2: Mark lightly where you want the embroidery design. For this design, I placed the "A", 10" from the bottom of the towel and in the center. Place the towel over the hooped interfacing. Smooth everything out and make sure the marking for the center of the design is under the needle. Then place the water soluble topper over the towel. Use a rectangle basting stitch to hold all three layers together.
Step 3: Start the embroidery design. The topper allows the embroidery thread to be on top of the terry fabric's loops.
 Step 4: Finish the embroidery design. You can see that my design was larger than the baste stitch, this is ok because at the end of the project we pick the basting stitches out, so we are left with only the design.
Step 5: Tear away the back interfacing. The water soluble topper might also tear away but it is washable too. Enjoy your towel!
Best wishes and tons of stitches!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! This may be a dumb question, but is the basting stitch done by hand or with your embroidery machine?

Also, when you find the center of your hoop, is that the center of your design once your embroidery is completed? I have the smaller Brother PE500, and all completed projects are always a little off center from the true-center of the hoop. I know two other PE500 owners who have told me it's the same on theirs, so it's always a guess to compensate for the off-center thing when hooping.

I have thought of upgrading to the pe770 to get the bigger hoop, and am wondering if you find the center of the hoop to be truly the center of your design?????? THANKS!!!!!!!!

Sew Spoiled said...

The basting stitch is by machine. I found out, if I use the rectangle frame and stitch #10 on my machine, it would baste stitch around the hoop.
The needle is always at the center of my design but the hoop markings might be off a little, I still need to check this out.
I like to stick or baste my fabric to the interfacing so I don't get hoop burn. This also ensures that the design is centered.

Anonymous said...

How do you get the sizing? I am unable to find the 'magic key' that will allow Design #45 to go larger than 1.37"