Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sally Dresses

I made these Sally dresses by Very Shannon this week. I love the fact that there are only two pages to print, to get started and no taping! That is a huge plus in he PDF sewing patten world. The dress has three sleeve versions and there is no buttons, zipper or closure to worry about. Just slip over the child's head and go. That is perfect in the busy mornings of getting up and going to work, school or to the pool this summer. I was worried about the sizing. If the collar opening is too big, the dress hangs off of the shoulders. If to small, the dress does not fit over the child's head. That is why I made a muslin bodice first to test the bodice out first. In both cases, I went with a smaller size than I normally would have. When reading this pattern look at the finished garment sizing. That helped us with the sizing.
I can see this dress being in almost any color and type of fabric. We used what we had on hand mostly this pollen yellow fabric with accents of cotton prints. I tried to tie everything together with embroidering the bodice and pockets. 
I highly recommend this sewing pattern. I know I will use it again and again. I love that I only need fabric! No zippers, buttons and extra stuff to worry about buying. My girls love wearing these dresses, extremely comfortable. Perfect for Easter egg collecting.
Best Of wishes and Tons of Stitches!

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