Monday, October 6, 2014

Oatmeal Pullover Sweater Finished!

I adore my new red-orange sweater. The pattern is called the Oatmeal Pullover Sweater from Jane Richmond. This morning the temperature outside was 40 degrees and it was perfect weather for a sweater! When a project takes so much time you sometimes wonder if all the effort is really worth it. I am so glad I finished it.
I did do a few things differently, for instance, I made full length sleeves not 3/4. Funny story, after knitting the amount the pattern asked for I realized that it was too long so I just decided to knit the rest of the sleeve. (I guess I have short arms.)
It also looks great under my Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic Patterns. 
You should definitely try it! 

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celkalee said...

After three tries I found a way to post a comment. For some reason I have to do an internet search, find you, then pop in. None of the usual links work for you and a few other bloggers, Oh well, now I know.

Anyway, nice sweater! I particularly like the wide band on the bottom. Just in time for the cold weather. What is your next knitting project?