Monday, October 20, 2014

Sugru Review!

I have to share with you a new product that has so many uses!!! It is called Sugru and it is play dough for grown ups. All you do is find a need, open the package, squish it and mould it anywhere you want. Sugru can stick to anything and hardens like other silicones. I had the perfect problem to trouble shoot. My dishwasher rack  started to rust and fall apart.
Yuck! I took all of the rust off but this left a metal rod exposed.
You have to squish it. It feels just like play dough but has a funny smell to it.
 Make sure you keep this away from children!! 
You have to let it dry for 24 hours and Ta Da it is fixed!!!
Sugru is amazing! I have used my dishwasher now for an entire week and Sugru has protected the dishwasher rack. No more rust and I did not have to buy a new rack I could still use this one. Stuff is not made to last any more but with Sugru you can fix it. You can even personalize products to make them better.

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