Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tips On Getting Your Designs Digitize

Have you ever wanted to get a design you have made on your computer digitize to sew with your embroidery machine? The software for digitizing your own designs is very expensive. Plus, the time it takes to understand how to use the software. If you are like me, 9 times out of 10, I just need to resize or move images around. Recently, I was asked to embroider a few aprons with this image. 

I emailed the shop owner of Sweet as Lemon and Honey and she quickly responded. She was able to digitize the files so that my embroidery machine would stitch the image for me. 
Here are a few tips to help you get your digitized design made quickly....
  1. Know what type of files your Embroidery Machine uses. For instance; PES, JEF, XXX, EXP, VIP, or DST.
  2. Know how large you want your embroidery design to be. This is also important due to your embroidery machine hoop size. 
  3. Your design needs to be in a format that the digitizer can work with. The image needs to be clear and easy to work with file SVG, JPEG, and PNG. The picture should also be large enough to see the details of your art work.
  4. Color, remember each color in your art work is a thread change with your machine. It also means the digitizer has to plan out the thread color changes and layer your image for the best results. This takes more time and effort which can drive the price for digitizing up.
I love how this design came out. I highly recommend Sweet as Lemon and Honey. Hanni the shop owner is great to work with and is very responsive to your embroidery design needs. Thanks for visiting Sew Spoiled!

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