Sunday, June 7, 2015


I am back, I am sorry for not writing but life has been crazy. Many of you know, I am a teacher too and the months of May and June are always intense. It is the end of the year. There is always a big push to finish. We have testing, EOGs, performances, graduations and don't forget fun days with celebrations. I am sure those of you with kids have been going through the craziness, you might be going through it right now. 
I love this time of year because it makes me reflect on what I have accomplished within one year. In all of my 12 years of teaching this one has been my personal best. I received a $3,000 Bright Ideas Grant and bought 12 Orff instruments, 25 guitars and boomwhackers. Our fifth graders recorded "We Wish You Merry Christmas" and we were heard on the radio. Kindergarten through third grade played Orff Instruments, Fourth grade mastered recorder and Fifth grade learned guitar. The 6-8 grade band program doubled in instrumentation and in students. We had a total of eight performances K-12! I wrote two Donors Choose projects and both were completely funded. This was my first year at this school. It was also the first year my school had had a dedicated room for music. It was empty with only music text books and a big dream in August 2014. Now it is full! Not only with instruments and equipment, but student excitement and inspiration to share music with others.


Linda Walker said...

Hi Leah,
Sounds like you had a wonderful year! Congratulations on receiving the grant! Keep up the great work but do please enjoy your summer!!!!

Jean said...

How exciting for you! Good work! Nothing like teaching a child an instrument/music to help them feel good about themselves.
Good for you!
Jean C.