Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sew Spoiled Sewing Space

Sew Spoiled Sewing Space

My sewing space has changed as my life continues to change. Recently, my oldest daughter asked for her own room. Sharing with a younger sister was not working any more and she wanted her own space. My sewing room was dismantled and we moved her in. We then had to figure out where to put Sew Spoiled? It was determined that the bonus room (which is the tv watching, game room) would have to do. My girls love it because it is easy for them to sew on the machines. The machines are always ready for action. The cover is never on, what is that for? I guess if you travel with it. (Day-dreaming: I would love to go on a sewing retreat. ..... Ok, back to reality.) The lighting is good in my new space. I am very fortunate to have a serger, sewing and embroidery machine. 
Embroidery Machine

Fabric and pattern storage has always been an issue. I store a lot of fabric under beds and in closets. I take pictures of inside of the storage bins, so I know where to look when a project comes around. My two favorite pieces in my sewing space are my yellow ruffled glass pin dish and my Martha Washington sewing cabinet. The ruffle dish was given to me by a close friend and I love it. It is in a lot of Sew Spoiled pictures almost like a mascot. 
Yellow Pin Dish
The Mary Washington sewing cabinet holds everything you need to put your fingers on; scissors, measuring tape, buttons, zippers, etc.. It has 2 saddle bag compartments and 3 drawers. One thing I would change is adding shelving or more storage. 
My girls and I love to make dolls, dresses and accessories, so poor Dad is driven out sometimes in a wave of fabric from the bonus room. He is a really good sport and he helps me with pictures. Even though I have a small space, it is mine and I love it!


Nita said...

Oh, I have an antique sewing cabinet just like that! It belonged to my husband's grandma. It's at this bottom of this post:

Leah Williams said...

That is awesome!! Thanks for sharing your link.

Sue @ Sewing Furniture said...

I love that little sewing cabinet! Very unique. You can't find them built like that anymore.

Leah Williams said...

Thank you! It is small but stores a lot!

Torry Hemmert said...

I gave up my sewing room when I had my daughter 35 years ago. I always told her that it was proof positive how much I had wanted her, after all, I gave up my sewing room! Now it is back to being a sewing/guest room, which means a very small room has a lot of stuff in it. But I'm not sewing on the kitchen table any more, so I feel fortunate!