Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I have a few new year resolutions for 2017 I am going to share but first,  we got snow! Everyone laughs at us because we get so excited! But I can't help it, snow makes everything look beautiful. My wonderful husband took this footage with his drone.

Ok here are my resolutions.

#10 Make more Sew Spoiled DIY video tutorials.

#9 Enjoy selfish sewing! I make so much for others that it is hard to take time out just for me. However, selfish sewing is so much fun and refreshing.

#8 Leave work at work. This one is very hard, especially as a teacher. I need to plan better, so I bring less stuff home.

#7 Organize! Organize! Organize! That means fabric, patterns, knitting stuff and silhouette stuff. If you have a helpful tip here I would love a comment, please. Thanks!

#6 Take more walks. This one should be easy since I have a puppy!

#5 Listen more! Listen to my family, friends, and students.

#4 Make more patterns. Actually, I have made more Sew Spoiled patterns I just haven't been sharing them. I am not sure why.

#3 Eat more at home. When the stress of a long day takes over, I give up too easily and pick up fast food. It is a bad habit and this year I am not going to do it anymore.

#2 Act like a kid! I need to play with my kids more! They won't be little forever.

#1 Love Life!
Thanks for following, reading and sharing Sew Spoiled!

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