Friday, December 11, 2009

Sew Spoiled Give Away!!

My baby sister turns 30, Dec. 17!!!! I can't believe it! I made these two beautiful black and white, damask bags to celebrate. One is for my little sister's birthday and one is for you!! That is right I am giving away one of these gorgeous bags!! This giveaway will run through midnight on December 17, 2009 with the winners being announced on December 18, 2009. The winner will be chosen using I will send it priority mail by December 21, 2009! I will ship internationally, so all friends are welcome.
What do you have to do to enter to win??
Just post a funny comment about your experiences this time of year. It could be about trying to get the perfect gift, a funny family story or a cooking disaster!


squant12 said...

My favorite Christmas time story involves my now 9 year old son. When he was 4 and misbehaving I asked if he remembered what Santa brought to boys who misbehaved. His reply: "Yeah, COLE-slaw!"

Jessica said...

The funniest Christmas time story I can remember occurred when I was a child (about 20 years ago!). During a Christmas play at church apparently one of the 3 wise men became bored and decided to use his staff as a weapon. During the middle of the play he turned his staff on the crowd making machine gun noises and "shooting" at everyone. His parents were mortified (of course) and he has never lived that down!!

Crazy Gecko said...

Wahoo 17th is my Birthday too!
This Christmas has been full of lots of funny happenings as my daughter is 18 months and is completely in awe of every Christmas tree she sees. But the funnest moment so far came from my neighbours little 4 yr old, who was sat in santa's grotto with the jolly man and when asked what he wanted he replied "Well what I really want is a Nintedo DS but mummy says I'm not old enough so can I order a blue one for when I'm eight .... I'll be good Promise" His Mother and me couldn't stop laughing!!!

Lisa said...

Well mine would have to be a cooking disaster.Ive always dreamed of making a gingerbread house.I bought a pre made one and all I had to do was ice it.It was a muggy day here in New Zealand and...... after all the icing was on the roof, sparkly sprinkles and decorations added.... The whole house collapsed!! Grrrr This was very annoying as I had worked on it for hours!! Anyway, youd have to laugh or youd cry :-) Merry Christmas and thanks for this opportunity... Lisa

Stephanie - My Calico Heart said...

Mine is also a cooking disaster. My OH and I were having the family for Christmas Day. We ordered the turkey, cooked it with all the trimmings and then realised we had cooked the giblets inside the turkey, still inside the plastic bag - yuk!

Lynne in NC said...

I don't have anything amusing. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your generosity -- giving away a handmade bag!
HB to your sister!

Anonymous said...

All tree stories

one in the middle of the night years ago, our christmas tree fell over and woke us up.

another year, I was so busy with work and stuff I didn't get ornaments on the tree until midnight of Christmas Eve/Christmas

and another year, we cut a tree from the back yard, and on Christmas morn we awoke to a mass hatching of teeny tiny red spider mites. yuk!

love the bags (my sister's BD is the 16th) and I made her a wristlet clutch. I'm looking to post about it.

binduoommen said...

Mine is yes, a cooking disaster as well. Live in India and was experimenting with 'biryani' for my boyfriend. Ordered him out of the kitchen, realized that the online recipe was horrid, burned the rice, altered as much as I could, and cooked by instinct, and managed to get a mashed up version of biriyani.

Sigh :)
The next day, as the boyfriend ate the remains, rated me a 8.5 :P


Che Birba said...

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Meredith said...

I don't have a clue why I'm telling you this, but it tickled me pink that your sister's birthday is the 17th. My baby brother's 31'st birstday is December 18, just 6 days after mine. Some how this made us sisters, well not really, but It made me smile, so that counts for something!

I don't really have a funny Christmas story right now. I thought that story was funny! What can I saw - easily amused!

sb said...

Gosh, you wouldn't think this could be such a tough question! I guess my Christmases have all been boring, and since I don't really venture out of my cooking comfort zone, I don't even have a story for that! How about a knock, knock joke? Knock, knock! (Who's there?). Duane. (Duane who?) Duane the bathtub, I'm dwowning! Uh, yeah...

Sue from MI said...

My story revolves around my husband wants to go Christmas shopping with me. He takes the day off work and talks about the shopping and how we are going shopping and how much help he is and on and on and on. The day of the trip he gets up, gets dressed and gets all ready to go. Then he goes to the car and proceeds to never make another decision all day long. He starts with "well, where do you want to go?" "who do you want to shop for" "where do you want to go for lunch" any question I ask him is answered with I don't care. He comes home and tells everyone how much help he has helped me with Christmas shopping and how much he likes helping with it. It is just so funny to me. He enjoys it and it frustrates me but it sure gives me something to talk to the girls about the next week at work.

Grandma4Five said...

This one is on my poor son in law. Their first Christmas together, he got in to the spirit of Christmas and thought he'd wake my two grandsons with a jingle of bells and a hearty "Ho Ho Ho" early Christmas morning. Down the hallway he trotted with his Santa hat and belt of bells. When my youngest grandson (7) opened his door in all his excitement, out ran his dog and bit poor Santa in the butt! I mean a good bite! Until the lights turned on and everyone could get things settled down, there was tons of crying, screaming and panic! Thank goodness the spirit of Christmas was in the house - now 8 years later, this has become a wonderful Christmas "tail."
Blessings to you all!
Love your blog, love your purse!