Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas!

My Grandmother is turning 70! We are throwing her an incredible Birthday Party at my house and I am looking for inspiration! I thought I would share what I have found! With Disney's New Alice In Wonderland Movie by Tim Burton in the movie theaters I was inspired to try this as a party theme. These are all great ideas for an Alice In Wonderland Parties and even if I don't use all of them I thought you might like to see these fantastic party ideas! 
This first table scape is from Amy Atlas I love the polka dot fabric draped over the white table cloth and the stacked tea cups with bright flowers everywhere.
This table scape comes from No Fuss Fabulous blog! I love how simple this looks. The cake is sitting on top of a extra large "tea cup" with boa around the bottom! 
Ribbon and flowers make this table come to life!
At Hostess With The Mostess you can see a child's party with fun ideas for little ones!
Last but not least, I found these are Free Alice In Wonderland paper print out from In Good Company Boutique! It was made for a bride's party but you could still use some of it for a birthday party as well.
Happy Creating! 


Ginger said...

Cute ideas. When we were at Walt Disney World last year they were selling Alice and Wonderland teas. There were several different varieties. If you wanted to buy some you could check your local Disney store (they sometimes sell the same things) or call down to Walt Disney World and order some. They also sold Alice and Wonderland cups and saucers, but they were expensive.

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks, I will have to look into that!

Anonymous said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical. ........................................

LahTeaDah said...

Great Birthday!!! I just recently had my 27th Birthday as a Alice in Wonderland Un-Birthday Tea Party... take a peek!!!

Yours Truly

Unknown said...

Hi Lea! I think it was so sweet of you to throw a party for your grandma! How did the party went? I'm pretty sure she's so happy. My family is planning to have a small gathering in Denver. Event space is the most important thing to consider, I think. So we're searching for a spacious event center. Denver, Colorado is a place full of these kinds of services. Maybe I'll throw my daughter an Alice in Wonderland themed party. Thanks for this idea.

Sue said...

Little girls just love princess- inspired birthday parties. My daughter just had her 7th birthday party in Bay area. Tent rentals , chocolate fountains and different kids stuff were there. The kids really enjoyed it especially my daughter.

benilhalk said...

The party seems to be fully enjoyable. I attended a party in one of venues in Chicago and it was an amazing experience. Now I am also thinking to book same venue for my party but not sure how much it’s going to cost me.