Monday, March 1, 2010

Sew Spoiled Fat Quarter Belt

I found beautiful, purple shirt at Khol's for $9.00 but the shirt came with an ugly, plastic belt. 
I took off the belt and looked through my fabric stash. I found a fat quarter in the most perfect purple to match but I only had a fat quarter! 
What should I do???
This is how I made a gorgeous belt tie with only a 18"X22" piece of fabric.  
Step 1: Cut 4- Strips 4.5" wide X 22" long. I know you should wash your fabrics before sewing but honestly, I just started cutting. Sew them together to make one long strip.

Step 2: Iron the seams open and then iron the strip right side together. 

Step 3: Start at a 45 degree angle on one side of the belt. Sew approximately 2" toward the longer side of the belt. Then place your needle down into the fabric, lift the presser foot and turn the fabric. Now you are ready to sew to the center of the belt.  Leave a 4" hole in the center (So you can flip it right side out at the end.) and sew the rest of the belt the same way as the begin of step 3. 
Step 4: Clip the excess fabric on both ends 
with pinking shears. Turn the belt right side out!
Step 5: Iron the entire belt and topstitch as close to the seam as possible. 
This will also close the 4" opening.
I love my fat quarter belt! Super cute and only 5 easy steps!!! 

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sb said...

This was so gorgeous that I had to copy you. I ordered a white shirt online ($6 there!) and am already searching for fabrics to replace the belt. Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration!