Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amy Butler's, Cameo Collection

I love Amy Butler's new line of fabric called Cameo!! I loved it so much I had to buy some but I have to order it online and that means buying it at top dollar. Most shops have it for $9 or $10 a yard and if you buy it in a bundle it is not any cheaper! That does not even include shipping. So how did I get my New Amy Butler Cameo fabric for $7.63 without a shipping charge?? I am going to tell you.
First go to!
Then choose 5 yards of Amy Butler, Cameo Collection Fabric!
This was one of the 5 yards I bought! 
It will add up to $44.90 ($8.98 per yard) and orders $35 or more have free shipping! So then add this coupon Code; THX218, for an additional 15% off! 
I found this great coupon at Coupon Network.
Now my total is $38.15 and that means I just bought New Amy Butler Cameo Collection fabric for $7.63 per yard!! 
Let me know if you find it any cheaper!
Happy Shopping!

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Karin said...

Thanks so much! I just ordered a bunch to London England! Even with shipping, it is a bargain!