Monday, July 23, 2012

Road Trip Doodle Bag Tutorial!!!

I am suppose to be packing but I couldn't wait to show you these adorable road trip bags!
Main Fabric- half yard
Lining Fabric- half yard
1" wide Ribbon- 2 strips of 46-50" (depending on your little doodler)
Ink jet printable fabric for doodling
Step 1: Cut out…
Main Fabric 15"X 27"
Lining 15"X 27"
2 strips of 46"ribbon (for small kids)
Step 2: Serge the two fabric pieces across the top. 
(I am making two Travel Doodle Bags at the same time.)
Step 3: Make a button hole 2" from the top. Center the button hole in the middle of the fabric. 
The button hole is 1" wide.
Step 4: Make it fun! 
Use coloring sheets or make it simple.
We created simple doodle pages for you to use. If your doodler uses washable makers, he/ she can color their doodle bag over and over again.
Step 5: Pin the Doodle page, 3" from the center and 1/2" from the bottom.
Because my main fabric was dark, I used another piece of white fabric measuring 8.5" X 11" under my doodle page.
Topstitch the doodle page to the bag. 
Make it fun use a decorative stitch!
Step 6:Serge the side and bottom raw edges.
Step 7: Sew around the bag's bottom and side. Leave an open hole opposite from the button hole for the ribbon straps. 

Step 8: Fold the top of the bag over by 1.5" and sew around the top of the bag to make a casing.
Step 9: Start on the button hole side and thread one ribbon strip through the entire casing. Then take the other ribbon strip and start at the side opening and thread through.
Step 10: Roll the raw edges of the ribbon twice, pin on the back of the bag and sew close to the edge.
Before your little ones doodle, place a piece of card stock inside the bag. Washable makers are great because Doodlers can recreate new drawings again and again. 
Here are some fun games to make your road trip rememberable….


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