Sunday, September 30, 2012

Part 6, Let's Finish our Braid Bags

Here is the last tutorial on how to make the Braid Bag. This is a really quick and easy bag to  create as a gift. It takes 1 yard to make, although I suggest to use contrasting fabrics for the outer shell and lining. You can find the Braid Bag ePattern online at Sew Spoiled Etsy Shop. Once you do make a Braid Bag please add it to our Braid Bag Flickr group
We have only had one sew along participant finish and post her bag, Marisa Lopes. Thank you for turning in your pictures to the Flickr group for everyone to see your progress Marisa! I love your bag!
I hope to have a few more finish their bags this week.
Best Wishes!

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