Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dress Rescue!

Dress From Forever 21
This was a friend's dress, she had washed it and the seams frayed. The fabric was like hair!
The dress had a lining. I turned it wrong side out and used my seam ripper to open the lining. I was very careful to only open the lining, pulling away the outer shell fabric.
Then I pulled the outer shell fabric through and stitched the outer shell pieces back together right sides together.
You can see my stitches, I sewed it twice because I was afraid of the stitching might fray again.
After stitching the outer shell closed, I stitched the lining-opening closed. The dress could be worn again! Yeah this rescue mission was a success!!

1 comment:

celkalee said...

Only a good friend mends! Great job saving this dress.