Saturday, November 10, 2012

I am definitely a Bag Hag!

I have bought a bag! I know I make bags, why did I buy one?  I have NOT bought a bag since 2007 and I have made over 100 bags, why this one? This one is called the skirt purse from Thirty One and it has purse skirts you can take off and put on. 
This is the color I decide to buy black leather with the red skirt.

I am planning to make my own purse skirts! I love this idea! I think it is so smart!
Here are a couple skirt tutorials on how to make your own purse skirts....
These would make great semi-homemade gifts. You could buy the bag and make the skirts! I am not a Thirty One consultant but you can locate one in your area through their site. It is a great way to support women in your area.


Georgi Sears said...

Thanks so much! I love these purses :) But I think the second link is to the same tutorial as the first one?

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks, now the links are right!

JOY @ said...

Thank-you for featuring my tutorial. I don't usually buy bags for that price either, but decided to help my niece-in-law out and buy one from her. When I received it, I decided I could go crazy making the skirts! And yes, I've bought a couple of purses for my daughters for Christmas, and they will get a bag full of skirts, especially made from old school T-shirts showing the school logos.