Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spoonflower Visit!

Spoonflower is a textile company that helps customers create customized fabrics. I took a tour of their new facility Saturday, in Durham, NC. There new space has over 20 digital printers, space for craft classes and a wonderful staff. It is amazing to think about how far they have come. Starting with only 2 printers and a simple idea.
There website is super easy to use. Upload your design file and tile it using there site.
You can even order wall paper!!
Ok, that is a little crazy but you get the idea.
Back to there facility, this the reception area. One side showcases bright wallpaper with the opposite side showcasing fabrics. Spoonflower carries 10 different fabrics ranging from silk to heavy twill. 
When you walk around the reception area, this is what you see a wall of windows. If you look through the windows you see the heart of their operation.
Fabric Printers!!
After printing the fabric, it has to go through a heat press to set the pigment in the ink.
Finally it is cut and shipped! 
Our tour group did ask what happens to all of the misprints?? The answer is they recycle it. They ship it to a company in Alabama and the company uses it for insulation. 
If you are close to Durham, NC I recommend taking a tour and seeing this factory of creativity. 


Cerise said...

Oh wow! I would LOVE to do a tour. Wish I lived close by. How fun.

Memories By Me said...

OMGOSH!!!!!!!!! I Had NO IDEA how close this is to me :-) Man and I call myself a quilter! Thanks so much for posting this it is less than 1 1/2 hours from me !!! WOOOHOOO!!!!thank you thank you!!!!