Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carolina Clutch

It still amazes me how much my designs change as I am testing everything out. One design can go through hundreds of variations. Here is the the latest in designing the Clutch.
Many Facebook and blog flowers ask for a recessed zipper. So here it is!! It is so simple and easy to install. I can't wait to share this part of the pattern with all of you. 
I decided to make it with the loops on the side because I like having a strap. Even though this is a clutch you can attach a key fob or a shoulder strap like the picture above. The lace bow was just an after thought but I like it. I think the bag needs something like a fabric flower or bow.
Well back to the drawing board. I like the top but I think I need to rework the bottom.
I will keep you updated.

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