Friday, February 1, 2013

Yucky Sickness!

I hate being sick but it is 100 times worst when it is your kids! I wish there was a way to get sick for them. I guess they have to learn how to overcome and move on. My oldest recently missed 7.5 days of school! First, she had a double ear infection and when we took her to the doctors to get antibiotics she picked up a stomach virus. So a few days into the antibiotics she could not keep food down. The doctor at first thought it was the medicine so we stopped the antibiotics but no change. Still food would not stay in her. Four days of not eating, just drinking fluids. She was so weak! At one point I thought we might need to take her to the hospital. She started to take probiotic gummies by Schiff and they help to put the right bacteria back into her stomach. 
I thought I would let everyone know because I had seen pills and power probiotic but gummies are the best!! Kids will eat anything that is in gummy form. Everyone is better now and she has a brand new stomach
I hope your household is doing well and feeling great!
I know I have missed the January giveaway. I will set it up soon and it will be amazing, so check back!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I completely agree that probiotics speed up recovery. My older daughter seems to pick up stomach bugs frequently so I have given her probiotics since infancy. I have never seen them in gummy form. This is a great tip.

Corrine said...

Oh Dear Leah, I know just how you feel, there is absolutely nothing worse than a sick child. I am so glad you were able to work the issues out and she is well again. I have been sick for most of January, pneumonia. I feel like I have lost so much. Hopefully we will all pass through the rest of this winter with no more illness!