Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Washi Tunic with Tova Sleeves

 I have been on a Washi Pattern kick lately, pattern by Made by Rae. I really can not help myself. This pattern is so easy and fun to make that after making one, I want to make another! The pattern has cap sleeves or you can create it sleeveless. However, it is winter and I need sleeves! I decided to take the 3/4 sleeve template from the Tova Pattern by Wiksten and try to sew them to the Washi tunic.
It worked perfectly!!! 
Here are a few Sew Spoiled Tips.
Instead of topstitching, I under-stitched the seam allowance to the interfacing using a zig zag stitch. This makes the collar stay flat and I do not have a topstitch around the neck line, it simply rolls under.
Also, I attach the sleeves, then stitch the sides together. I learned this technique making kid clothes and I realize it works for big people too.
I love this top! It looks great and no one will have a tunic like mine!


Paula said...

I was hoping someone tackled this! I am not in a position to show my arms and cap sleeves make my broad shoulders look like line backers.

claire said...

Lovely! I just bought the Washi pattern and have already made a number of Tovas - can't wait to combine them. Thanks for the idea :)