Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Embroidery Dream Machine

I woke up this morning thinking about the specs I would like my new embroidery machine to have.
  • Color LCD screen
  • Large hoop sizes
  • Easy to use software
Later as I was reading the news on my iPad, I realized the machine I want to buy has not been invented yet. Why not incorporate the iPad into the sew/ embroidery machine!!! I looked it up to see if anyone else had this brain wave and yes, someone had. I know this picture below is from an April Fools post but I love this idea!!! I know I am not alone. They should make these now with the small iPad in the 7" size. It would be perfect!!!! An app could be created to help with sewing projects, ePatterns or embroidery designs! If anyone is making these iPad sewing machines and the company needs a seamstress representative to show it off, I gladly volunteer! Please hire me!
Would you buy one? I know I would.


Linda Lee Steaples said...

Every sewer would swoon over this machine, but I can't even begin to imagine the price they would charge for this!!!!! No matter I would swoon forever any how!!!!!
Love you blog!!!!!! Have a BLESSED DAY!!!!! Linda Lee

Ginger said...

That would be awesome. Remember the old Singer (I think) that worked on a game boy?

rmeyfe said...

I would buy one!! I love my iPad and I'd love the ease of not having to lug out the laptop to use my machine!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you checked the Janome 15000.