Monday, July 22, 2013

Tardis iPad Mini Case

Recently my husband and I have been watching Dr. Who together. I love the Tardis and how it travels to any destination and time. Dr. Who makes me think and even after the episode I usually ask tons of questions. It is not mind numbing TV. Anyway, after my computer hard drive died and my sweet husband got it back up and running, I decided to make him a Tardis case. The flap and loop were a little challenging but I made it work. 
He truly loves his new iPad Mini Case.


Beth said...

I LOVE DOCTOR WHO! I have been watching it from the 80's and was so happy when they started it up again.
Great case!

Craftcherry said...

Oh wow! That is fantastic! We got a tardis blue cover for our Nook. I wish I was ambitious enough to make one.