Friday, October 18, 2013

Minoru Jacket

I love my new jacket! The weather is just starting to get chilly. The NC state fair is also in town, so this jacket is perfect for a cool night at the fair. Navy twill was a good choice for the exterior because it goes with everything. The only changes I made were the side pockets, no gather sleeves and I lined the hood.
 Here is a side view with the hood folded away. I like the wide collar and how much it covers your face to shield you from the cold weather. There is also a lot of room for a scarf.
 This is my hood. By the way, I have already washed it twice. Once to get the tailor chalk lines off of it and once after spilling tea on it. The twill fabric holds it shape and washes very well.
 The elastic around the middle is my favorite part of the design, it makes it look like a woman's coat. 
 The lining is a fun grey and blue blossom print. My Sew Spoiled label is tucked into the pocket and packet seam. I thought about embroidering the bottom of the coat with "take me outside" but I couldn't wait to finish.
I love making projects like this one. It takes your mind off of the small bothersome things around you and gives you something positive to think about. I learned that the construction is a lot like a bag with an outer shell and lining. I might have to try designing a jacket of my own soon. 
Best wishes!


Hotly said...

I love this jacket with its beautiful lining and great fit. How long did it take you to get this good at sewing?

I've just made my first garment, a sewaholic hollyburn skirt. Although it has lots 'homemade charm' Ive caught the dressmaking bug and am starting on a second piece this weekend. Fingers crossed I'll be good enough to sew a jacket next year

Gemma -

Ginger said...

Your coat looks great! Hope you had fun at the fair.