Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Puzzled Over a Pullover

When the girls and I went through their winter clothes to see what we could still wear, we found a fleece pullover that was too small. It was my daughters favorite! She quickly looked through my fabric stash and found fleece fabric. So I set to work, looking for a size 6 bodice and trying to figure out this puzzle of a pullover. I looked for a pullover fleece pattern but I have not found one. If you have a fleece pattern recommendation please share!
After drafting the front and back bodice, sleeves and hood. I put everything together quickly. I think the hoody could be deeper but over all I am happy. 
If you are wondering about the steps, it was not to bad. 
First, I finished the edges of the two chest bodice panels. 
Second, I gathered the front bottom panel and sewed the two chest panels to the front bottom panel. Over lapping the two chest panels at the center of the bottom panel, topstitch across.
Third, I sewed the front panel to the back panel at the top of the shoulders.
Fourth, I added the sleeves.
Fifth, I sewed the hood onto the top of the pullover.
Sixth, I sewed the sides and sleeves right sides together.
Finally, I hemmed the sleeves and bottom of the pullover.
That's it! The great part about fleece is that it won't unravel so even if you don't have a serger to finish all the raw edges really you could over lap the edge and topstitch.
Happy Sewing!

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Jenny Larking said...

If you haven't got a plan for the old favourite fleece top it would make a really nice fleece hat and so easy. I know that because I have just made a tiny one for my grandaughter and it took about 10 minutes. I used the pattern from Fleece I also refashioned a red velvet dress into a Devil's outfit and made the horned hat in their pattern.