Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Antrorse Sweater Finished!

5 Skeins
After taking this picture, I realized I have to make the other sleeve the same exact way. Aaaahh! I love the color of the yarn. It is Bird's Egg, Osprey by Quince and Co.. I used a pair of size 10, 32" circular bamboo needles to make the entire sweater. For the sleeves I used the magic loop technique to create the small sleeve circumference. The size is 34 but it is a little big.  
All 6 skeins.
I love my new sweater and I think I will definitely make more knitted things. Perhaps sweaters for the girls or a shawl for me. Over all this was a perfect sweater for a beginner, like myself, to make. It is seamless, which means you can continuously knit the main bodice of the sweater from top to bottom. It also means you wouldn't have to stitch two or more parts together. Even the sleeves were fairly easy to create. Of course now that I know how to make this sweater, I want to try this one again because I know all of the steps. It is spring here, what are some good Spring/ Summer knitting projects for the warmer months?

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