Thursday, March 6, 2014

Semi- Homemade Play Costume

This month we have the Bugs play at school and of course we needed to find a costume. The instructions said no wire wings so I started to look for butterfly fabric. At one point I shopped online at Spoonflower. Then one day as we were shopping in the toy section and looking around I saw it, a Kite!! The fabric was perfect and the width was long enough. I took it home cut the wings off and sewed the wings to the arms and sides of her black shirt. Now we have an easy costume that only cost about $10.
Happy Sewing!


Sara said...

Absolutely adoreable! We are looking for something for Halloween! Way to be creative!

Val said...

Using a kite is a great idea! My daughter wants me to make play wings with no wires for my granddaughter. I didn't know how to find suitable fabric until I found your site. Thanks!