Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Embroidery Help; Lesson 1- What do I need?

I got an embroidery machine now what?
First, you need a few items to make your machine work.

  • Make sure you have a stabilizer, my favorite is tear-away
  • Embroidery Thread! Embroidery thread is different than sewing machine thread. It is shiny and made out of polyester, it is better for your machine because the thread has fewer fibers that will clog the machine. Also, You will also want the shine from the thread to stand out above the fabric.
  • If you want to embroider towels, or anything fuzzy, then you will want to purchase Water Soluble Embroidery Stabilizer. This stabilizer is for the top of your embroidery work so the thread will stand up on top of the fluffy fibers of a towel.
  • Embroidery Machine Scissors, these will make it easier for you to trim threads. Sometimes an embroidery design will move across the hoop and you will have extra thread across your design, trim them away while the project is in the hoop.
  • Baste Design! I use this for almost every design! I will show you how later. It is FREE! 
  • Software! My favorite is Embrilliance Embroidery Software. Or buy it directly here! I love this software because it is cheap(er than most embroidery software) and available for PC or MAC.  It will baste your design for you!
Do you have to have all of these items? No, you can certainly make your machine work without them but these items will make life embroidering much easier. If you already embroider and know of other embroidery products please share them with us in the comments!
Best Wishes and Tons of Stitches!
We will talk about setting up next.....


MGK said...

Thanks so much from you embroidery challenged s-mom. Keep these coming for me and I may actually get it right lol

Leah Williams said...

I will, these posts are for you and anyone else who needs help. If you have questions please ask them. :)