Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Embroidery Help; Lesson 2- Set Up

Let's embroider a project!
                                  Wait a minute, wait a minute! Let's set up everything first.
  • Set up the design for the embroidery machine. You will need to get your design ready for your machine. I use Embrilliance Software to move letters or move design pieces around and size things. I like to center everything in the hoop graph on my computer software so that it will transfer that to the machine. I also baste all of my designs. If you do not have the software you can use stitches directly from your embroidery machine, you can purchase files online and transfer them to your machine via SD card, USB or with a cable. 
  • Hoop the stabilizer, leave a little excess around the hoop. Make sure the stabilizer has a little tension like a drum. I do not hoop my fabric or project. I baste the project down first and then my machine runs the embroidery files. That way if the baste stitch is the wrong size or if the design is not center I can start over, change the size or take out the stitches and move the fabric. You can get hoop burn if you hoop your project fabric. 
  • Mark the project with a Target Stickers or I like to iron a mark where I want the embroidery to go on my project. (I will show you how later.) You will notice that there are marks on the hoop; north, south, east, and west or your X and Y axis. Your needle should be in the center of your hoop. These markings will help you adjust your work so it is centered. Some machines even come with a plastic grid that you can lay over the hooped project to help with centering. 

  • Let the machine show you how large the area it is embroidering. This can also help you see if a design is centered.

  • For fluffy designs, you will need a top stabilizer. 
  • Lower the presser foot and start the design.
  • If the machine skips over and goes across the hoop to a new area to embroider pause the machine and clip the thread.
  • When the project is done embroidering. Release the hoop, take out the basting stitches, clip any excess threads and trim or tear away the stabilizer. 

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