Monday, July 13, 2009

Kiss Lock Purse:)

All done! I love how it turned out!
Here is the half way point the first side is tucked in but the second is not yet. The second side is much easier than the first. During the first side I did not have enough glue, I was afraid that it would get all over the fabric, but I applied more and it worked like a dream.
I would highly recommend trying this fun project!


O'sClothes LLC/Quest Designs said...

I see this is an old post but nonetheless...Didnt you find it hard using the glue? I find that the glue smells soooo bad and still smells after the purse is made. Ive been looking into the frames that you sew the fabric on. A whole lot less messy. Please let me know if you use a glue that doesnt stink. Thanks.

Sew Spoiled said...

I used Gutermann Textile Glue HT2 30g, it is not too bad. Thanks for your comment.