Monday, July 6, 2009

Rainy Day Dollies, Family Fun!

Sew Spoiled Fabric Doll
Today was a rainy day so my daughters and I were stuck inside. My 5 year old, knew she wanted to make something with her hands but what?? We looked in my fabric stash and found fabric markers and printable fabric paper. At this point My 2 year old, got excited!!! I downloaded a few coloring sheets and in no time we were coloring! I pinned the printable fabric to whatever fabric they wanted and used their help to sew around the coloring sheet. (Advice find coloring sheets with simple shapes or just sew a rectangle or circle around the drawing.) We cut the excess fabric and filled the dolls with poly-fil. My girls loved this part! We finally slip stitched the project closed. After tea parties and dancing with princesses our dollies were tire so we put them to bed! I love rainy days!
I hope wherever you are you are enjoying time with your families!
Happy Sewing!

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