Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Kiss Lock Clasp Memory Purse

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I am soooo excited about this project! I found this incredible kit at, you guessed it Etsy!!! At the Cotton Dream Shop you can buy this kit. You receive everything in the picture the pattern, fabric, kiss lock clasp and even interfacing. The only thing you will need that is not in this picture or kit is heavy duty fabric glue and for that I wented to Lisa at UHandbag. She is great check out her blog if you haven't already:)
This will be my first attempt at a kiss lock clasp and this is the first type of purse that I remember falling in love with!!! I was only 5 and late for a ballet/ tap class. My mother had forgot that we needed to bring "props" for dance class and so we stopped at my Great- Grandmother's house. Grandma was awesome! Not only could she sew but in her closet were wonderful dress up clothes and jewelry! She let me borrow a Kiss lock clasp purse to take to tap class that day. It was the most beautiful purse I had/have ever seen! It was a small, ivory bag, draped with Sequins and jewels. I remember feeling so grown up! Of course to top off the outfit I also borrowed Grandpa's fishing hat, hooks and all. :) (Well I thought I looked great! LOL) I know this bag won't be as beautiful but every time I look at it I will think about my special memory.
Happy Sewing!

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