Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mac Laptop Sleeve for my Hubby

Mac Laptop Sleeve
Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled
This is the first thing I have ever made my husband! I know, that sounds terrible but it is hard to find things to sew for your guy. Not to mention fabric that is not black to create your project with. The Laptop sleeve is a Sew Spoiled design with Amy Butler fabric, imperial fans in spinach, I found at the Fabric Bar Etsy shop.
Hey, I have an idea!!! If you know of a great pattern to sew your guy please share it with me or us:) !!! Or if you know a great looking fabric that is not black! Please share with us the designer and the name of the fabric, maybe even where we can find it.
Happy Sewing!!
~Can't wait to see your posts!!!


Stacey said...

You are so sweet. I have not made anything for my hubbie either and have no real good suggestions either. Sorry...but your bag is wonderful. I am sure he will love it!

Anonymous said...

awesome job! I have that pattern and should get to work!

Also, can you tell me - how did you set up so you have captions under your pictures in your posts! I love it!

The Pollock's said...

The only fabric my husband will claim to like is corduroy. One of my future projects will me to make a daddy diaper bag which is basically a manly looking diaper bag. I'm thinking brown corduroy lined with either a solid color cotton or lined with the Michael Miller Guitar print because my husband plays the guitar.