Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sew Spoiled twist on the Oh, Fransson Lunchbox

This is a wonderful pattern by Oh, Fransson's, the Lunchbox pattern:) It is a free lunchbox pattern and I love the look. I used the dimensions given in the pattern for my daughter's lunch box. The reason I wanted to try it was the iron-on vinyl. I have never used this project before and I wanted to see what this product was like. I found that the iron-on vinyl was easy to apply but once on, if the bag is crumpled for any reason it looks beat up and in need of an ironing again. So I don't think it is a perfect product but it is really cool:) that you can waterproof any fabric you choose by applying the iron-on vinyl. Maybe it will get even better in the future.
This is the platypus side. My daughter loves Phineas and Ferb! In this cartoon there is a platypus called Perry who is a secrete agent. She wanted a platypus lunch box, so Mommy makes her one. (That's what mommies do.)
This is the Emily embroidered side. I added a decorative flower like the pattern suggests.
Super cute for any girly girl going to school or work.
I do want to share with you my Sew Spoiled twist. It is one that you can not see in these pictures. When I read through the instructions I realized that you make the outer shell and the lining separately. Finally, place the lining inside the outer shell and hand sew the top of the two together.
I like to flip my bags. Which means I made the four parts; draw string casing, straps, outer shell and lining. Then I layered them, first outer shell (right side out), second handles (Rick rack facing the outer shell right side facing), third draw string casing (right side facing the straps) and fourth the lining wrong side out (right side facing the draw string casing). I pinned everything in place and sewed around the top of the lunch box. Finally, I flipped the lunchbox right side out through a small hole in the lining. I finished the bag by closing up the lining hole, top stitching around the top of the lunchbox and threading ribbon through the casing.
If I make another one, I will take pictures of how these steps are achieved because I truly feel it was easier and probably faster.
I hope you give this lunchbox a try!! It was so much fun to make and bring into work the next day! I know Emily loves her one of a kind Platypus Lunchbox.
Happy Sewing!


Lynne in NC said...

Love it, love it, love it.
So much cuteness for us girly girls.
Well done Leah and thanks so much for sharing.

Mod Podge Amy said...

Precious. I love polka dots, and platypuses!!

Janet said...

Could you try this with laminated cotton? I've seen this somewhere...for making raincoats?
Love your site, BTW!!

Sew Spoiled said...

Yes! Laminated cotton would work best.