Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chic and Simple Sewing, The Cape

This Cape pattern is from the book, Chic and Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes. I made this in just a few hours! I love quick sewing projects with big results! If you are a beginner seamstress or professional seamstress you will love this book. For the beginner, there are no zippers, button holes or tough techniques you have to know before making these beautiful clothes. For the wise seamstress, you can quickly make any of these projects in an afternoon and still have time for the larger “work in progress” projects sitting on the sewing table.
I did make one adjustment to this pattern. I lined the wool outer shell with a soft wine colored silk. It is simple. I cut an extra piece of silk the same size as the wool outer shell and pinned them right sides together. Then I stitched around the cape shape.
Finally, I cut the armholes, flipped the cape right side out, pressed and topstitch.
Follow the rest of the pattern as directed in the book.
The best feature of this book is that the designer, Christine Haynes, mixes and matches the full size templates in the book to form these Chic and Simple clothes. For example, the cape and the wrap skirt (which is on my list to make next ) uses the same template! I love it! So smart! If you would like to see more pictures of chic and simple clothes made from this book click over to the Flickr: The Chic & Simple Sewing: The Creations! Pool.
What projects are you making?

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KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I absolutely adore capes and yours turned out so great!