Thursday, December 23, 2010

Timmy Woods Wooden Handbags!

It is no secret that I LOVE bags! I am a bag collector. I have more bags in my closet than shoes, and I am not counting pairs. When I saw this uniqueTimmy Woods bag across the room,
I had to find out more about it.
It is beautiful! The outer shell is made of wood and the Santa face is hand painted. The owner said, “I take it out every year the day after Thanksgiving and use it until Christmas.”
 I could see why, it is adorable.
She had to replace the handles and the closure over time.
The lining is leather and has an elastic side band on either side to keep in it's contents.
I loved the sound it made when you closed the wooden shell.
This is the bottom.
When I looked up Timmy Woods to find out more I was amazed, so many different wooden and unique handbags.
Have you hear of Timmy Woods? Do you own a wooden handbag?
Please share, I would love to learn more about Timmy Woods Hand bags!

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