Saturday, February 19, 2011


My family and I have been so sick! That is why I have not made any new posts.
It started with my husband, then the little ones and then I got it last. What seems like a common cold, runny noses, a cough, head ache, sinus pressure, then turned into a high fever, aches, chills! I had seen and witnessed it at school as a teacher. It swept through class rooms like a tornado taking half the class out at a time. When my daughter got it we caught it quickly and she receive tamiflu. My husband and I took turns staying home with her. Finally, she was back at school in 4 days and we though everyone was fine, until the flu symptoms started to show up with me. I went to the doctor early thinking it would be as easy for me as my daughter. I was testing for flu but the test was negative. So I took the day off and tried to rest. I went back to work for 2 more days but the symptoms were getting worse! At one point I blacked out. My husband carried me back to the doctor and the doctor said that it was “the crud”. The flu test was negative but that if my symptoms continued after 48 to fill a z-pack prescription. I stayed home for 3 days. Two days, 48 hours of hell and then finally when I took the z pack, after day one dose I started to feel better, more like myself.
My family is wonderful. My parent-in-laws took my daughter to school and pick her up in car pool. They are awesome and wonderful. My husband cooked, cleaned, did laundry! He is my knight in shining armor!
So sorry for no posts and I pray that all of you are feeling well and your families are healthy!
Here is the patchwork pillow tutorial that did not get finished:( Maybe I can finish these cute pillows soon.)
Step1: Patch work 9 charm squares together and cut them out into a heart shape.
I made a paper template first out of newspaper to get the shape I wanted.
Step 2: Cut out 1 red minky dot fabric into the shape of a heart. I am making two at a time for my two little girls.
Step 3: Place the patchwork heart and the minky dot fabric right sides together and pin.
Step 4: Stitch around the entire heart leaving a 3 inch hole to flip the pillow.
Step 5: Flip the pillow right side out and fill with fiberfill.
Step 6: Slip stitch the pillow closed!


Shirley said...

Ugh so sorry that you have been feeling so bad! I hope you continue to feel better.

Twins Squared said...

Oh no! So sorry that you weren't feeling well. I hope that you and your family are all better now.

Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry you've all been so sick. That's terrible!!! Feel better!