Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gathered Pockets Tutorial: Cabrio Tote Sew Along!

If you can’t find fold over elastic there are 2 other ways to get the same effect! Here is a quick tutorial on two different ways to gather pockets!
Pocket A:
First fold the 7”X 14” pocket fabric in half to find the center. Draw a chalk line 1/2” below the center line. Set up your machine for shirring and shirr the fabric across the chalk line.
It should start to pucker up and the gather as you sew across the pocket.
Pocket B:
Fold the fold the 7”X 14” pocket fabric in half to find the center. Draw a chalk line 1/2” below the center line on the back of the pocket fabric. Place one piece of 1/4” wide elastic measuring 10” along the chalk line. Set your sewing machine to a wide, open zig zag stitch. While you stretch the elastic zig zag stitch in a straight line.
Pin your pocket right sides together! The 1/4” elastic is on the left side and the elastic thread technique is on the right side.
Sew down the two sides, tack stitching the elastic at the top of the pockets.
Turn right side out and iron! With a hot press the pockets will gather even more!
Now you are ready to use your pockets according to the Cabrio Tote Pattern!
Happy Sewing!


Kelly Rachel said...

These are great instructions, thanks Leah! Will see what I can do as I don't have the elastic.

Kimminita said...

Thanks so much! Getting on it first thing tomorrow!

Spare+a_pair said...

HELP!!!! I am still back on the gathering of the bottom lining step. I CAN NOT get the fabric to gather - it seems too stiff with the lining on the back. Each time I pull the threads, the string breaks before I can get it gathered fully! I could use some more tips before my machine goes through the window! :)

Sew Spoiled said...

There is another way!
Take a long piece of floss and zig zag stitch over the floss. (Make sure the floss is not sewn.) When you are finished sewing a zig zag stitch over the floss for the length of the project pull the fabric and it will gather for you just like a shower curtain on a straight rod.
Best Wishes!