Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Iron away Stains

Unpacking boxes of spring kid clothes, I found a few dresses and t-shirts that still had a lot of wear but had stains down the front. I had an idea! If I cut out a few different heat transfer designs on the Silhouette and cover the stains up my girls could still wear these clothes this spring!
The heat transfer vinyl is perfect for ironing on t-shirts and/or cotton fabrics.
First, make sure the stain cannot be removed. These are chocolate ice cream stains. Very hard to get out!
Second, find a large enough design to cover the stain and send it to your Silhouette to cut it out!
Tip: When you feed the vinyl into the machine make sure the shiny side is down.
My oldest loves penguins so I found a silhouette of a penguin. Step2-2011-04-26-20-00.jpg
Cover the vinyl with a scrap piece of fabric to protect the transfer tape.
Tip: Make sure your iron is set no high than 300 degrees.
Finally, press until your transfer tape easily peels way from ALL of the vinyl.
Yeah! I am off to cover more stains!
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