Saturday, April 23, 2011

Silhouette Decal your iPhone Case

I have been looking for the perfect iPhone case but I settled for this green Skullcandy case.
It is a typical boy case green at the top and black along the bottom with a skull on the back, not very pretty. So I have decided to decal my case using the Silhouette.
First I had to cover the skull. So I measured the back of the iPhone case and drew a round edged rectangle.
After the Silhouette cut out the rectangle, I applied it over the skull on the back of this case.
Then for the sewing machine design on the back. This is my favorite feature of the Silhouette. You can rearrange the designs using the Silhouette software.
After cutting the design out with my Silhouette, I placed it over the black rectangle and applied the iPhone case.
You have to rub the contact paper smooth so you do not have bubbles under the vinyl.

Ta-Da!! I thought you might like to give it a try. So here is the PDF of the sewing machine.
Have fun creating!

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celkalee said...

Do you ever sleep? Your creative juices just seem to flow and grow. Thanks for sharing. I so thankful for learning from all the other creative bloggers. Have a great day!