Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sew Spoiled on Spring Break!

This is what my Mac looked like yesterday! My hard drive crashed and we had to wipe out the data and start over. Luckily I useTime Machine and all of my data was backed up. Since my computer was not working, I started on a few sewing projects.
Here are a few pictures....
This is a shoulder bag, I like the bottom curve or wave.
I am working on an entire collection with this wave theme!
Look at what I found at Jo Ann’s! I love all of these adult patterns by “Lisette” from Liesl Gibson of Oliver+S. I hope to have some extra time to make myself a few pieces from the “Lisette” collection.
I love the skirt and dresses!
Working on a little shirring project using an extra large mens t-shirt.
This is a nightgown tutorial that is fun, fast and easy to make. I am working on the diagrams for the templates.
You do need to know how to shirr and serge but there are ways around that too.
Stay tuned for more Sew Spoiled tutorials, patterns, giveaways and more!
Happy Stitching!


celkalee said...

Love the t-shirt nightie! this would be great for me to make for Mother, she is 93, loves her little nighties and this would be very comfy in the Virginia heat! You have given me a great idea, thank you so much!

Sew Spoiled said...

93 that is amazing!!! I am glad you liked the idea!

Ginger said...

Leah, Timemachine is awesome. I wish I had it on my PC. Hope you were spared by the storms last weekend.

TroyJennene said...

I used Timemachine once ; how often do you backup your data? May be something I need to do more often & consider important with my MBP. Love the quick, fast T-shirt projects.

Sew Spoiled said...

Hi Ginger,
We were spared but there are so many families around us were not as fortunate. We watched on TV as two bands moved north and south of us.
After this weekend, I have started to backup every hour. :)
I heart Time Machine!