Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sew Alongs in May!

Spring is in the air and sewing opportunities have sprung up everywhere! I love opening up a window in my sewing room, taking off my shoes and sewing with the spring or summers light on my fabric. Creating a relaxing retreat is ideal for sewing.
Here are a few blogs that are inviting us to sew with them in the month of May.
Jump in and join the fun!
1. I can identify with Marigold, my favorite outfit would be a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Mainly because I can wear any of my Sew Spoiled bags with it. (I know that sounds terrible, but it is true.) I would love to turn a new leaf and wear more skirts and dresses!
Flickr: Spring Top Sewalong 2011
2. Rae is hosting a wonderful sewing opportunity for all of us. Make a beautiful top, show off your work and possible win a prize!
3. If you have ever wondered how to design and make your own jeans then you might want to join this sew along. It is open to men and women!
I am so curious to see this sew alongs progress.
Happy Stitching!


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